Elena Govorenkova, photographer from Russia. Lives in St. Petersburg. Works as a graphic designer. In 2016 she started her professional education. For Elena, photography is an exploration. Opening a new place, meeting an interesting person. Elena works in the genre of reportage, documentary photography. At the moment, she is passionate about art-style photos.


2020-2021 — School of Modern Photography Docdocdoc, St. Petersburg

2019 — author’s course of Ekaterina Vasilyeva “Genres of photography in the twenty-first century”,
St. Petersburg

2018 — author’s course by Maria Gelman “Documentary Photography”, St. Petersburg

2017 — commercial report by Alexey Smishlyaev, Photofaculty them. Galperin (I levels), St. Petersburg

2016 — author’s course by Svetlana Kalinicheva “The picture for the photographer”, St. Petersburg

2016 — study at the School of Academic Photography (I levels of education), St. Petersburg

Artist Statement

Photography for me is always finding something new: new individual, new profession, new places I would never visit without it. The photography is the window that makes the world different. Each human being is the huge and very interesting world. Before taking pictures, I am trying to have some words with the person to be able to understand him better, listen to him, because only when you become more acquainted with each other there is a possibility to see not only his external but «inner» image, the true man. I wander the city around a lot, trying to see miracles in routine things. Sometimes the street you crossed million times is being revealed under different light, and cracked wall paint forms magic objects and figures.

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