Alexey moved to St. Petersburg in Soviet times. At that time he could work and live with the documents of his Republic. After the collapse of the USSR, the situation in the country changed and Alexey became a migrant. He does not have a work book and diploma. His work experience is what he knows how to do.

During the life of a migrant Alex mastered a lot of different professions. He was also an assembler-a high-rise worker, a welder, a Builder, an organizer. When tired to work on the «uncle» decided, decided to start their own business. For a start, he came to work on the territory of the plant hired workers. He quickly became an authority for others because of his «Golden hands» and earned a small amount of money. I rented a piece of land on which there was a stone masonry remaining from the previous building. Gradually attached to this wall three more and turned out a decent garage. Inside, Alexei insulated the walls, ran electricity, made a concrete screed and installed a car lift. It sounds easy and simple, but behind this ease is labor, sleepless nights and hard savings on yourself.

Now it is quite a successful repair service which should be recorded in advance. There is no sparkling cleanliness and a lot of space, but there are a lot of useful tools and Alex, who will deal with the problems in any car.