St. Petersburg has officially got 18 districts. Each of them has its own style and a character. Districts differ from each other by geographical principle, housing prices, metro availability and transport accessibility.

But each inhabitant has his «own», preferable, district. This is the place where he is free from office or home nets — in dreams at least. Such district got a number 19 from me.

I started exploring my new district, looking for my invisible city. I marked out the routes for the bus, the trolleybus, the tram and the shuttle — all with the number 19 — on the map and invented search rules for them. I decided that all these means of transport — with «19» number — should always deliver me to the right place — and went on a journey in different directions. My tour showed me new details linked to this number — the signs that were left unnoticed or ignored before. I suddenly realized how many things around relate to it. That is how this project has become my personal life story.

On the 19th of June a very important event took place this year — I bought an apartment, the first own property after many years of living in St. Petersburg. By the end of the year I’ll be able to open the door of my new home. On the 19th day of each month the down payment for my new apartment, my cage, will be written off from my card for many years ahead. Even the flat I am now living in has got a number 19. The search of the non-existing place has helped me to sort myself out and find exactly the thing I was looking for. It has happened that I’ve been living in district 19 for a long time. To understand this, you just must look from different angle and change your attitude to the challenge you face. The freedom I’ve been looking for all previous years was found inside me. And it’s me only who can break all limitations and walls imagined by myself.

District 19 is the place on the city map, which is full of dreams, butterflies and the wind.